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Dubbs Holdings offers a versatile range of business funding solutions, from revenue based Financing to term loans. With funding amounts ranging from $10,000 to $5,000,000 and terms spanning 3 to 36 months with early payoff options, all packages are tailored based on your underwriting scores

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Dubbs Holdings presents an extensive array of asset-backed funding solutions. These are perfectly tailored for business owners with significant equity, seeking swift capital access. Often utilized as a bridge to conventional financing, we ensure your business never misses an opportunity

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Dubbs Holdings offers tailored lines of credit for businesses seeking flexible funding solutions. Access funds as needed, ensuring efficient cash flow and preparedness for any financial challenges. Our commitment is to support your business's growth and stability every step of the way

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Revenue Based Financing

Short-term revenue-based financing provides a
straightforward, low-interest solution for businesses.
Enjoy flexible terms ranging from one to three years
without the burden of prepayment penalties.
Additionally, no collateral is required for
our medium-term offerings
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Financing Solutions

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Revenue-based financing offers a lifeline to small businesses. Whether it's funding purchase orders, facilitating expansion, acquiring essential equipment, or any other business necessity, this flexible solution caters to your unique needs

$1 Million

We provided 1 Million dollar line of credit for Texas trucking company.
Line of Credit, Universal Trucking Co.

$4 Million

$4 Million dollar collateral deal for healthcare facility company in Florida.
Collateral Funding, Central Healthcare


We provided 250k in business funding, for a newly opened New York Restaurant.
Business Funding, La CheteauRestaurant

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