About Us

We're Here for you & Your Business

Dubbs Holdings funds all types of business including those who do not qualify for traditional bank loans due to bad credit, limited credit history, high risk designation or any other reason. We do not require business plans to approve funding, and we need no personal guarantee of collateral from business owners seeking our merchant cash advances. Business owners who have applied for small business loans, even bad credit business loans or no collateral loans, and have been rejected are encouraged to apply. You may be surprised what a merchant cash advance can do for your small business. As a private lender, Dubbs Holdings takes pride in investing in projects that traditional banks may deny, or may take months to approve. Our rapport with the borrowers can be summarized as a partnership for the duration of the loan: we never act as a broker, we are here for you every part of the way, from start to finish.

We are a Direct Commercial Lender specializing in alternative financing for small to medium sized businesses. We provide business financing solutions that are fast and affordable. Traditional banks are old school. Businesses, especially startups and small businesses can’t get loans anymore from big banks. Banks want specific assets as collateral and judge a business’ health from years of personal past financials. We believe there is a better way and we’ve proved it. Lenders in our network are ready and willing to lend to all sorts of companies, from small storefronts, to medical practices. We give the power back to you, by giving you many cash advance options, not just one.